Star Fangled Nut Setting Impact Tool

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Star nut setting tool for inserting star nuts into the fork steerer tube.
This impact tool guarantees exact insertion of the Ahead star fangled nut into the steerer tube with a previously defined depth.

For inserting 1″” and 1 1/8″” star nuts:
1) Turn the required bushing (1″” or 1 1/8″”) hand tight into the impactor tool.
2) Using the circular cross hole, screw the star nut to be mounted onto the central spindle until it stops on the grub screw.
3) Insert the tool onto top of the steerer tube and tap it down with a hammer until it stops.
4) Remove the impactor from the steerer tube by turning the knurled screw to the left (anticlockwise). The star nut will be left in pace in the steerer tube.”

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