PRO Wheel Truing Stand -1689

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The base has been made stronger for improved precision with added conical one-size-fits-all magnetic thru-axles adapters that can be stored anywhere on the base. The arms have been made longer to accommodate 29+ wheels better and the calipers have been widened accordingly.
Threads, springs and bearings have all been revised resulting in smoother operation plus less frequent calibration.
Additionally, white high-gloss stickers are included that can applied to the base and caliper arm to improve background contrast, making it easier than ever to use.
Here is a full list of the improvements.
• Stronger base for improved precision
• Longer and redesigned upright arms for improved clearance of 29+ wheels and truing precision
• Wider calipers for increased clearance of 29+ wheels
• Accommodates wider axles, works with through axle hubs up to 197mm width (include the use of adapters).
Max. arm opening 230mm (without the use of adapters).
• New bearings on the upright arm adjust axle are spring loaded for improved precision and reduced frequency of calibration
• Redesigned caliper tips for easier radial truing
• Revised threads and springs for smoother operation
• 8mm bench mount holes at the bottom, 268 mm centre to centre
• Slicker design, all black
• Comes with conical magnetic through axle adapters – one size fits all (12, 15 and 20). The adapters are now magnetic and can be affixed anywhere on the base. Features a bolt for more permanent fix on the upright arms.
• Includes white high gloss stickers, covering the base and caliper arm, for improved background contrast (stickers are not pre-applied)”

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