Drop Out Alignment Tool

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If you have a bent or broken Rear Wheel Axle this could easily be caused by a mis-aligned drop-out. This tool will correct the problem. If you’ve tracked the frame this tool should be used to check drop-our alignment.

Use the alignment tools to check and correct the exact geometric position of the dropouts of the frame.

To use the tools, remove the wheel from the frame (the fork) and clamp both gauges in the axle mount.
Note the different diameters and installation widths here. (Front wheel: axle diameter 9 mm, installation width 100 mm; rear wheel: axle diameter 10 mm, installation width 130/135 mm).

To do this, move the sleeves on the tool accordingly to ensure a good fit.

If the dropouts are positioned correctly, the face planes of the gauges will be parallel to each other – if the two sides of the tool don´t align, the dropouts must be re-aligned accordingly.

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