1.370″ Dies (Pair)

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Bottom Bracket Cup Dies + Hub Threads – 1.37 inches (34.8mm) Left and Right Handed Dies (Pair)
If you have damaged or dirty threads, then these Dies will clean and re-cut the threads on all of the items pictured on the left.
(a) ‘Loose’ cups.
(b) Cartridge Bottom Brackets.
(c) Outer Shell Bearings – i.e., Shimano Hollowtech and Campag Ultra-Torque
(d) The ‘Right Hand Die’ also cleans and re-cuts the thread on a rear hub that takes a Single Freewheel, Multi-Freewheel and Fixed Sprocket
Available Standard 24TPI or 26TPI – early Raleigh
Please Note: We can only split if only the Right-Hand thread is required, please call for price.
Our taps and dies are manufactured to high precision standard. More so than other higher priced tools from well known companies four and five times the price.